About Us

The primary goal of the Palmetto Horn Trio, as with most musicians, is to promote great music, but we also have the desire to promote the horn trio, specifically, as an exciting medium through which we and others can experience and enjoy the growing repertoire for three horns. 

Historically, a trio of horns has been considered a secondary combination to the horn quartet.  This seems to stem from the traditional organization of the orchestral horn section.  Though, in the classical period and in chamber orchestras of today, there were and are more often two horn parts called for in most orchestral pieces, music in the romantic period began to require four horns to fill out the section.  That has remained the staple compliment to this day, and why most composers of small chamber pieces for horns tend toward the quartet. 

We, too, were of this mind-set until we began to explore the rich and musically diverse repertoire for horn trio.  We have discovered several original pieces that span from the classical to the comtemporary as well as taking on the task of arranging many pieces for ourselves to supplement our library.

We feel fortunate to have come together as collegues in this venture and hope that you will enjoy what we are able to bring to you.

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